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Fishing Report...

Lake Okeechobee

Date: August, 2008

Lake level: 14 above sea level.
Average depth: 4 to 5 ft.

Lake Okeechobee water level is 14 ft above sea level which means there is 3 to 4 ft of water in the grass areas.

The lake water quality is good and we have a tremendous amount of new under water grasses (eel &peppergrass). We are still in the rainy season and the lake will probably rise a little more.

We have been catching bass in the grass on Zoom Horny toads ,flukes and swim baits and worms.The fish seem to be scattered but when the lake stabilizes they should start to hold in different areas. There have been a few large bass being caught between 8 to over 10 lbs.

The bluegill fishing has been good . Best baits have been crickets. The bluegill seem to be moving into the grassy areas.
The over all outlook for the fall and winter season looks excellent.  If the lake stays like it is the spawn season will be awesome both for bass and specks.  There is a10 inch length limit on specks this year.


Capt. Terry Garrels
Big O Fishing & Airboat Tours
Clewiston, FL


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